This week let’s talk about fonts. I love fonts, I’m what you might call a font junky. While in college I wrote a paper titled “So You Want to Build a Letter.” It was an exploration into font designing. I thought it was fascinating. If you would like to check it out, just click the link.

Today’s adventure into fonts is specific to branding and is the 4th post in my blog series on branding. Here are my previous posts for you to check out if you happened to miss them.

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So as we look at fonts for your branding let’s first look at the three main font families that are out there:

Serif – These fonts have horizontal and vertical details at the beginning and end of the characters: 

Examples are:

Abhaya Libre

Cantana One

Old Standard

Sans Serif – Sans means without in French so a san serif font is a font without serifs. 

Examples are:



Encode Sans

PT Sans

Script – Hand-lettered fonts that are calligraphic. Many display a form of cursive. 

Examples are:



Alexa Brush


Over the Rainbow

There are literally thousands of fonts out there that you can use, but be careful that you don’t get carried away. A good rule of thumb is to limit your branding to no more than 3 fonts. Any more and your branding will look chaotic, confusing and inconsistent. 

Think of a font for your headline – subheadline and body text. Your headline and subheadline font can be the same, what I always recommend is that you use a different weight for each though so you can see a difference. 

Now choosing your font pairing is actually quite simple – choose your primary font (headline & subheadline font) and then choose your additional font from a different font family. For example a San Serif font for your headline and a serif font for your body text or a Script font for your headline and a san serif font for your body text. It’s really that simple. One important note to consider, when you are first thinking of the right font for your brand consider the mood and feel you want to convey. All fonts have a mood. You may really like a font but if it doesn’t fit the mood you want, avoid it. 

To give you a bit of help I put together some of my favorite font pairing. They will help give you a solid starting point.

My Favorite Font Pairing:

Source Serif Pro

Open Sans Pro

Playfair Display




Julius Sans One

Archico Narrow

Now where to find fonts  – If you are a member of the Adobe Creative Cloud you have to opportunity to check out a huge variety of fonts that can be downloaded.  My other favorite places to find fonts are Google fonts and Creative Market (FYI – the creative market link is an affiliate link if you choose to purchase a font using this link I will receive a small compensation. )

Font pairing doesn’t need to be scary – just follow these simple rules and you will successfully find the right font for your branding and remember I’m always around to help.

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