Before we begin looking at color palettes for branding I’d like to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July!! Don’t you love this 4th of July color palette?  

This was the same color palette we used in my son’s nursery 20 years ago. I loved that room! Ha Ha

This week we are looking at color pallets for your branding. Now don’t go crazy, I know there are millions of colors in the world but just look at picking 1-3 dominant colors, then find coordinating colors. Let’s set the rule at no more than 6 color for your new brand, how does that sound.

When choosing your dominant colors, I want you to consider the mood and psychological meaning of your potential colors. Remember at the beginning of your branding process you answered the questions from the branding checklist. This will help you with determining the mood of your brand and choosing a color. Once you have one dominant color figured out, use color theory rules to help you find your other colors. My last blog series was devoted entirely to this subject. Take a moment to check them out, they will help you narrow down your choices. Follow the links to view each of the posts.

Beginning Color Wheel 

The Color Red

The Color Orange

The Color Yellow

The Color Green

The Color Blue

The Color Purple  

I like to collect color inspiration when I’m on Pinterest. You can check out my boards to help get you started.

Color inspiration 

Mood Board Pictures

There are also various tools to help you put together a color palette. Let’s say you find a picture that conveys the mood you want in your branding. You can use any of these color generator tools to pull the colors from your picture and create your new color palette. 

CSS drive 

Adobe Capture


My favorite is Adobe Capture – It’s a mobile app and is perfect for when I’m out and something catches my eye, I just take a photo and run it through the app and I also have the ability to save it to the Adobe Creative Cloud so I can use it in all my Adobe desktop programs when designing. 

My final and absolute favorite resource for finding color pallets is the website Design Seeds. 

I went though their website and found some beautiful palettes for branding. Here are some of my favorites.

Do any of these color pallets inspire you? Are you ready to find the perfect color pallet for your brand? 

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