Do you really need an about page? – Yes!!!

Your about page is where you are going to display your credibilty and build trust with your visitors. How can a potential client get to know you, like you or even trust you if they have no idea who you are. This is why an about page is so important and today I will share the items you should have on your about page.

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Your Story and Your Company’s Story

Your visitors want to know your story and the story of your company. I encourage you to keep it real, but it keep it simple. Your visitor is not looking for a full autobiography. Just share some key moments that define you and your business making sure you can connect what makes you the choice in your respective industry. You should also include some fun facts about yourself that reflect your personality.

aboutpage1 What You Should Include on Your About Page

Your Picture

Don’t hide behind your website, let your visitors connect a face to the brand. This is a key to earning trust.


Aboutpage2 What You Should Include on Your About Page

Try Video

While not mandatory on an about page, adding a video of yourself will boost credibility as well as trust. In a video your visitors will get a good opportunity to see your personality first hand. One note on this subject though, don’t use video to replace writing about yourself and your business, use your video as an enhancement to what you have already written.

aboutpage3 What You Should Include on Your About Page

Your Contact Details

Make sure your visitors will have an easy way of getting ahold of you by including your contact information on your about page. If your about page includes a team of people make sure to have their contact information also. 

Aboutpage4 What You Should Include on Your About Page

Customer Testimonials

Let your past customer’s help share your story. Pick some of your best testimonials that reflect who you are as a business owner and highlight them on your about page. 

homepage What You Should Include on Your About Page

Bottom line when it comes to your about page is keep it simple and don’t over complicate your page. Remember:

  • a little bit about you
  • a little bit about your company
  • a photo and/or video to bring a face to the brand
  • your contact information to show you are open to communication and finally
  • testimonials to let your past clients/customers tell your story.

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