Is professional logo design really worth the investment?

I say it is and not just because it’s what I do.

Today I’d like to share 5 reasons why you should invest in a professional logo design.

So you have this amazing business idea, you decide to share the idea with a few friends, they love it too. You then throw caution to the wind and get started but the budget will only go so far. Now you must decide where to spend and where to save. It’s a tough task for any new business owner.

Here is where I’d like to help with my 5 reasons you should invest in a professional logo design. Notice I said invest, not spend, not buy, not purchase. What I would like for you to see by the end of this post is that your logo is a long-term investment in your business.


So here they are…..
  1. Your logo is your first impression – The saying is true you never get a 2nd chance to make a first impression. Your logo is the first thing your customer will see about your business. Think about the impression you want to make. I’m sure you have seen logos that made you think twice about using a business. I know I have, and that was before I made design my profession.
  2. High-quality graphics are delivered by a professional designer – A professional designer using high-quality tools to design your logo. I use the Adobe Suite products when I’m designing. This allows me to design a logo that looks great on a business card and can be scaled up to use on a billboard without any distortion. A professional designer will also design your logo in various formats for the various uses you have as a business owner.
  3. A professional designer will make your logo memorable for the right reasons – the last thing you want is for people to remember your logo because it looks bad. One thing to always remember, your designer is not going to want a bad design associated with them.
  4. A professional designer will design your logo for its purpose – A professional designer will choose the right colors, fonts etc. for your business. You may love the color red but your business is in finance. Your designer knows that the color blue represents dependability, trustworthiness and most of all security. Certainly a better impression you would want to make to your customers.
  5. Simplicity – many business owners can over think their logos, they want every little thing about them to be included, this color because it’s my favorite, this font because it’s the one used in my favorite TV show, this image because I just love ______(insert favorite thing here.). Everything that has nothing to do with your actual business. A professional designer will work with you to simplify your vision and create the right logo to fit you and your business.

Are you looking for a new logo or maybe a refresh of your current one is in order? I’d love to work with you. Visit my services page for more information on my design packages, pricing, and my design process. You can check out my portfolio page to see my most recent work.

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