It’s a new week and a new color as we continue to explore the use of color in your branding and marketing. Our series began with a basic understanding of color and the color wheel. You can review that post here. Last week we explored our first color – red. If you missed that post, check it out here.

Today we will look at the color – orange. First thing that always comes to mind when I think of orange is – well – an orange. I’m sure I’m not alone, but there is so much more to this bright and happy color, I’m excited to explore it.

Here are the emotions that are associated with the color orange.

  • Optimistic
  • Warmth
  • Independent
  • Energy
  • Adventurous
  • Vitality
  • Friendly
  • Creativity
  • Fun
  • Happy

Like red, orange is a great color to use when you need to draw attention to something in your marketing. For example a price, a product or a solution.

Industries that could consider using orange in their overall branding are:

  • Art
  • Entertainment
  • Food
  • Sports
  • Transportation

Let’s look at the companies that use orange in their branding and see if any of the emotions listed above fit their brands.

Harley-Davidson: Certainly they embody adventure, fun and independence.

Gatorade: The use of a orange lightning bolt lets you know this drink gives you energy.

Nickelodeon: You know you will have fun and be happy when watching this kid-centric TV station.

Timberland: Just like Harley-Davidson, Timberland’s logo speaks of adventure, fun and independence.

Etsy:  Creativity of course.

Orange is another color I’d advise to use wisely, it’s a bright color and full of energy and unlike red, changing the shade of orange by adding hints of black really takes away from the happy feeling this color brings out. One option to break up the color is to pair orange with the color blue as part of your branding. Orange and blue are directly across from each other on the color wheel thus making them complementary colors. Orange and blue are actually one my favorite coloring pairs. 

As I’ve been saying always consider the emotions the color you choose invokes. Are these the same emotions you would want associated with your brand?

Join me next week as we look at the final color on the warm side of the color wheel –  yellow.

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All photos are from Pinterest. Visit my Mood Board Pinterest board for credit.

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