This week we will look at the color green. Green is considered a neutral color in the color wheel as it’s not labeled a warm or cool color. While green is not a color I choose to wear, it’s a color I love to design with. There are so many shades and tints of green that are absolutely gorgeous. As you can see on my color green mood board. It’s just beautiful.

So let’s looks at the emotions that are associated with the color green. 

  • Safety
  • Growth
  • Harmony
  • Stability
  • Positive
  • Renewal
  • Reliability
  • Balance

An here are the industries that could consider using green in their overall branding are:

  • Environment
  • Banking
  • Real Estate
  • Farming
  • Nonprofit
  • Nutrition

Compared to some of the other colors on our color wheel, green doesn’t have as many industries that use it. Here are a few of the popular companies that use green in their branding. Let’s see how they fit within our list of emotions

Starbucks – I can think of a lot of emotions that fit with this brand – positive, renewal, balance and reliability

Whole Foods – This healthy food company represents growth, reliability, balance.

Animal Planet – A popular TV channel in my house you can’t deny they represent renewal and growth in our environment

Holiday Inn – One of the most popular hotel companies, their choice of green lets consumers know that a stay with them will = a renewal of spirit as well reliability and stability of service.

John Deere – You see a green tractor and you know that farmer owns a John Deere. This company wants us to know that you can count on them for safety, growth, reliability. 

So what do you think? Will the color green fit within the message you want to share about your company. As I’ve been saying in each of my blog posts it is always important to consider the emotions the color you chose invokes. 

Join me next week we will look at one of the most popular branding colors – blue

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