How does your website rank on Google?

Our SEO Assessment identifies where you are today and creates a roadmap for growth. Gain a clear understanding of your websites strengths and opportunities.

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The goal of the SEO Assessment is to build awareness around the strengths and weaknesses of your presence in the search results. With this awareness, we define those action items that will have the biggest impact on your business’s growth.

The project starts with a 1/2-hour meeting where we learn more about your business. We need a strong understanding of your audience, offering, and competitors.

Then, our team will assess the website’s performance against the four primary components of SEO:

— Technical SEO
— Content
— On-Site Optimization
— Off-Site SEO

Deliverables include:
A PDF summary outlining our findings.
A 1-2 hour consultation at project completion to share our findings and plan for the next steps.

Cost for SEO Assessment $350.00

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