SEO Management Services for Small Businesses

SEO Management Services that deliver higher ranking and more revenue for your small businesses in Discovery Bay, Brentwood, Stockton, Tracy and the surrounding areas. 

Is your website getting the exposure you need to grow your business?

As more and more businesses come online the need to rank above your competition is critical. 93% of online users begin their experience with a search engine.

A partnership with Little Owl Design SEO Management Services is your tool to drive more traffic to your website.

More traffic = more revenue

The 4 Pillars of SEO Success

Little Owl Design has partnered with Pathfinder SEO. By using their tools, Little Owl Design can work with you in creating an SEO strategy that will work for your unique business.

Technical SEO

Little Owl Design will evaluate site speed, site structure, security and make sure that all your web pages are being indexed by search engines. We will work together to make the your site pleasing to seach engines. 


Content & User Experience

Little Owl Design will work with you to evaluate your content and your website’s ease of use. Together we will develop and impliment a keyword and content strategy. This strategy will be tracked monthly and adjusted based on current search data.

On-Site SEO

Little Owl Design will evaluate your current website pages and blog posts and will improve them for users and search engines. We will look at aspects of your including but not limited to page title, meta descriptions, headers and links. 

Off-Site SEO

Little Owl Design will work with you in finding quality links back to your website. In addition we will help you to create and utilize Google My Business and offer training on using social media to help your SEO.


Little Owl Design experts in SEO Management and Responsive Website Design

table top with magnify glass and the word SEO in blocks

Guide to SEO for Your Small Business

The complete guide to SEO for your small business. Find detailed tips, tools, and a checklist to help you begin to build a strong SEO strategy.

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Guide to Building Your Small Business Website

Website Design Guide to Building Your Small Business WebsiteStarting a new business is exciting and time-consuming. 

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10 thing I need before designing your new website

10 Things I Need Before Designing Your Website

Beginning a relationship with a new website client is always fun and exciting. Many of my clients are ready for their new site yesterday ….

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SEO Management Services FAQ

Do you work only with clients in the East Bay Area of California?

No, Little Owl Design is able to work with businesses all around California as well as all the other states in the US. With the ability to have online video calls Little Owl Design can even work with businesses in other countries.

How can SEO help my small business grow?

By working together to make your website more user friendly to both your customers/clients and with search engines along with targeting the right keywords you will have a much better rank in search results. The better your rank the most people will find your website.

Why does Little Owl Design partner with Pathfinder SEO?

By partnering with Pathfinder SEO, we are able to offer comprehensive tracking and reporting features and still be able to offering pricing that fits the budgets of most small businesses. 

Does Little Owl Design offer content creation

No, but as part of our managment services we offer coaching in creating content that converts for your business. If you are in need of content creation services, I have a list of professionals that I can refer to you.

[bck_card photo=”” photo_alt=”SEO Word cloud” use_badge=”on” badge_text=”@ET-DC@eyJkeW5hbWljIjp0cnVlLCJjb250ZW50IjoicG9zdF9hdXRob3JfYmlvIiwic2V0dGluZ3MiOnsiYmVmb3JlIjoiIiwiYWZ0ZXIiOiIifX0=@” title=”Are you ready to build an SEO strategy that will grow your business? – Book your Discovery Call today.” description=”93% of online activities start in a search engine
75% of search users never click past the first page in a search results.
46% of all search on Google are local searches
70% to 80% of users will ignore paid ads. (I know I’m part of the stat.)
The time is now to start building an SEO strategy to will lead more people to your business. ” use_button=”on” button_text=”Book my Call” button_link=”@ET-DC@eyJkeW5hbWljIjp0cnVlLCJjb250ZW50IjoicG9zdF9saW5rX3VybF9wYWdlIiwic2V0dGluZ3MiOnsicG9zdF9pZCI6IjQ3Nzg1In19@” _builder_version=”4.16″ _dynamic_attributes=”button_link,badge_text” _module_preset=”default” global_colors_info=”{}” _i=”0″ _address=”″ /]
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